Searching for Soul across the Universe?

According to Eckhart Tolle “When you hear the truth you will know it”  I have been inspired by Eckhart and his teachings have changed my world perspective.

Wow, what a great application (omniwriter),  the blog is as I said it is just an expression, reflections, a ripple on the great lake – and a first step for me toward my daily journalling (part of my spiritual practice) seems I have not only been asleep (unconscious)  and as a result causing my own unhappiness – a zombie like existence……  Ha,   used to scoff at the Zombie Movies,  but who would have thought they were mirroring my life Zombie watching Zombies.  I have found a new respect for this genre!

Eckhart’s teachings have resonated with me I held a torch all along but never used it until now?  I just had to use the light and follow the signposts leading me away from unawareness (being a Zombie)   to a different place which has a vast expanse of space and awakened awareness called consciousness! WOW

This aware, consciousness seems was there all along and within me not some far distant planet or other unattainable place  – a new discovery? Why was I not conscious, why was I asleep?   The expression “you wanna wise up” makes perfect sense now –   I also realise  there are many whispers we don’t hear, many paths that branch off along our way we neither see nor take and that life is full of meaningful consequences…… we ignore!  – when  unconcious in our own personal parallel universe a self-inflicted matrix.

So why now wake up – some theorists suggest its part of humankind evolution its a natural next state – it won’t be the survival of the fittest but the wisest that will come to the fore in the future and I don’t think they mean a few wise asses!

For me ? … Perhaps I have passed through  at least some  the 5 Ways of the Wizard as Deepak Chopra teaches.

The very first step was to begin  to Wise Up for that I had to  Wake Up Thanks Eckhart! 

This post is dedicated to all the seekers out there
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